He Says, She Says

August 12th 2018 | 7:30PM

The Court Theatre
36c Clarence St South

All tickets $30
Blackboard Theatre Collective present their inaugural theatrical event featuring over 40 of Christchurch’s local artists performing songs originally written for characters of the opposite gender. Hosted by the hilarious Kathleen Burns and accompanied by a band expertly lead by Matthew Everingham, He Says, She Says promises to be an exhilarating evening of jaw-dropping performances.

Host | Kathleen Burns

Band | Matt Everingham (MD), Tim Sellars, Michael Story, Heather Webb

Featuring | Donna Alley, Jane Leonard, Kira Josephson, Hillary Moulder, Fergus Inder, Nickie Wellbourn, Ailis Oliver-Kerby, Isaac Pawson, Eilish Moran, Olly Humphries, Sarah Kelly, Georgia Heard, Blaise Clotworthy, Nick Hollamby, Amy Straker, Ali Harper, Cameron Douglas, Naomi Ferguson, Blair McHugh, Chris Symon, Andy Manning, Chris Finnie, Lou Days, James Foster, Heather McFarlane, Anna-Kate Kilpatrick, Monique Clementson, Grace Irving, Tilly Wickbom, Sarah Buchanan, Claire Steel, Simon Goudie, Leigh Wilson, Jack Marshall, Nomi Cohen, Jeremy Hinman, Ben Freeth.