Bechdel Test:
An Evening of Women in Theatre

Friday 12th April | 7:00PM

The Court Theatre
36c Clarence St South
The Bechdel Test is used to test the representation of women in fiction. The test has three requirements:
     1. The work must have at least two women in it,
     2. who talk to each other,
     3. about something besides a man.

Using that as our inspiration, Bechdel Test: An Evening of Women in Theatre will showcase songs that are written and/or composed by women for a Broadway musical.

The concert will celebrate the amazing women that have managed to break through and have their artistic voices heard; and will highlight songs that show that women can be strong, funny, sad, beautiful, hopeful, daring – and have something to sing about besides men.

Of the 248 Best Musical Tony award nominees only 6 have been written entirely by women, 84 musicals involved at least one female bookwriter/composer/lyricist, and the remaining 158 were written entirely by men...

Featuring | Bex Malcolm, Chalotte Taylor, Amy Juer, Hillary Moulder, Hannah Austin, Jacqueline Doherty, Tilly Wickbom, Esmay Goodman and Frankie Daly